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Delaware Parents on COVID-19: Remote Learning has Been Stressful and Worries About Return to Classrooms

As Delaware and the nation inch closer to back-to-school time, local parents say they’re concerned for the health and safety of their children due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a survey conducted by Rodel and the Delaware Readiness Teams, more than 1,000 Delaware parents shared their thoughts on COVID-19, including appraisals of the just-concluded spring semester, as well as their concerns about returning to classrooms in the fall. Parents weighed in on topics ranging from childcare to health screenings to economic stress.

This summer, working groups convened by Governor John Carney and Secretary of Education Susan Bunting will release recommendations for reopening of Delaware schools in remote, in-person, or hybrid formats. Parents, meanwhile, said some of their biggest concerns for back-to-school include potential exposure to COVID-19, children grappling with guidelines for social distancing and masks, a lack of socialization for children, as well as balancing work and childcare responsibilities.

When asked what measures would make them feel more comfortable before sending their child(ren) to childcare, camp, or school, Delaware parents selected:

  • Alerts for positive COVID-19 cases (85%)

  • Daily cleaning routines (84%)

  • Limiting group/classroom size (71%)

  • Temperature checks and screenings (67%)

  • Publicly available plans for instruction and services (54%)

  • Educator trainings and supports (52%)

  • Changes in transportation (20%)

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COVID-19 Resources For Families and Early Learning Professionals

Read this helpful guide from Nemours about wearing a protective face mask at school. ​

Stories can help ALL children understand what is going on around them.  Information about their new routines can reduce anxiety and fear, leading to smoother transitions into the new routine. Check out these COVID-19 stories that relate to schools here for easier access for parents and educators. 

This resource includes topics such as online professional learning and health & safety information​. 

This resource includes topics such as at-home activities, phone apps, and community resources. 

Caregivers have plenty of questions as back-to-school time approaches. Click the video link to watch our August 19th session and hear from local health, safety, and childcare experts on topics ranging from COVID symptoms to watch for in children to the latest recommendations on keeping your child safe.

Is your family extra stressed during the pandemic? Please click the video and links below to access the recorded Family Information Session from Tuesday, September 22nd, and to see additional resources. Learn the facts to help reduce stress and hear from local health experts.

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Searching for ways to provide educational experiences at home?
You are not alone. 
Click the video link below to see our session from
Tuesday, October 6th to learn about educational opportunities that will support your child's learning and development ​
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