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Joshua and Jasmine Go To Kindergarten


As an elementary school principal, I can't stress enough how important your role as a parent is to your child's education. You truly are your child's first teacher. Helping prepare your child for kindergarten is one of the most essential tasks you will do. This book was written to help demonstrate some of the simple yet effective things you can do that will have a dramatic impact on your child's kindergarten readiness. In this book, we tried to pack most of the essential skills needed for the first day of school.

Please accept our challenge to read this book to your child a lot! Actively read and engage with him or her by singing the alphabet , practicing letter sounds, pointing out shapes or colors, or even reciting numbers. Also, do the quiz pages each time you read the book. Those pages are very close to one of the first tests your child will take in the fall.

Thank you for your time and dedication to making sure your child is ready for kindergarten , and also for letting this book serve as a resource for you and your child. Kindergarten is one of the first steps that your child will take on his or her educational journey. We can all agree on the importance of getting a great start. The result of you reading this book, and many more , to him or her will put your child on the path for success!

Best regards,

Alexander McNeece and The South Dover Readiness Team

Click Here to Download Joshua and Jasmine Go to Kindergarten.

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