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Early Learning Goals

Children will learn and grow with developmentally appropriate support from families, communities, early learning providers and educators.

  • Increase number of children with high needs experiencing high-quality early learning experiences

  • Increase number of children that have access to a book of their choice

  • Increase family resilience and strengthen protective factors

What Delaware Readiness Teams Do?

Literacy Development

Early learning workforce

Access to quality early learning

•Host Book initiatives, parent trainings on how to read to your child

•Connect early learning providers with scholarships and salary incentives

•Promote high quality learning practices and improvement system

•Reach families not in formal care

Early Learning Results

  • 23,700 children participated in learning programs provided by the Delaware Readiness Teams


  • 44,500 books distributed during dozens of literacy initiatives


  • 900 families participated in parent conferences, community cafes, and other family focused training

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